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Priceline Promo Codes and the Most Romantic Honeymoon Spots in the World

Honeymoons are supposed to be memorable for newly weds, but according to statistics 1 in every 4 married couples do not go for their dream honeymoon. Mostly this is for financial reasons (hey, it’s expensive to get married), but sometimes they just simply don’t know where to go! Below we have a list of eight destinations that are more pocket-friendly and memorable for newly weds to go for a honeymoon.

Priceline Coupon Codes

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Top Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

Once you have got the whole ‘life partner’ and ‘wedding’ thing sorted out, it’s time for the honeymoon! Here are our top 8 suggestions:

8. France

France is among the top destinations for many lovers. There is simply a lot to see and experience in France, the atmosphere in there is simply romantic and newly weds will surely enjoy their time. The food in France is amazing and the people are very welcoming. accommodating. Even without plenty of cash a walk down the streets of Paris is memorable to many couples, plus wine is cheap and plentiful!

7. Indonesia

Indonesia is a quiet and romantic place for newly weds. Besides the nice sandy beaches Indonesia has parks filled with rare species of animals and birds. The serenity and peace of Indonesia allows couples to bond and understand each other better. Here couples can relax and enjoy the nice local cuisine and sea food.

6. Italy

Italy is a dream honeymoon destination for many couples. There are nice beaches that are close to the city of Venice where people can go to swim or opt to take romantic boat rides around the flooded streets of Venice.

Italy is very rich culturally and the building architecture is simply out of this world. Italian cities such as Venice and Sienna are among the most popular destination in Italy.

5. South Africa

Besides being the leading economy in Africa, South Africa is among the best honey moon destination in the world. There are plenty of sights to see and things to do. South Africa has beautiful beaches that are good for swimming or even surfing.

If you have had enough of the beach you can go on a safari and see wild animals. There are several vinyards on the out skirts of cape town that welcome guests to taste and buy wine.

4. Zanzibar

This east African island is like heaven on earth. It has the perfect weather, very good food and long sandy beaches for newly weds to swim and relax. Zanzibar has a rich history that will not fade a way any time soon. In Zanzibar you can go scuba diving or even on a deep sea safari depending on what you want.

3. Morocco

The north African country has plenty to offer and can boast of fine hotels that it has. Besides the good food and perfect weather, Morocco is culturally rich. Morocco is also very close to Europe and other prime honey moon destination making it a cheaper option.

The north African country is safe and it’s people are very welcoming to their guests. Honeymooners can travel and see different Moroccan cities such as Casablanca, Marrakesh and even get a tour of the Sahara desert.

2. Dubai

Dubai has a lot of interesting and unique things in this world. For sure it is a dream honey moon destination for many couples. The sandy beaches, tall buildings, fast cars and the desert attract’s millions of newly weds to this exotic destination.

1. The Maldives

This is the perfect location for two love birds to enjoy themselves privately. The Maldives is a combination of over a thousand small islands on the Indian ocean. It has many sandy beaches and the climate here is perfect for relaxing. It has an amazing scene that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

In order to ensure you enjoy your honeymoon plan in advance. This can help you save on a lot of things including time.

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NAACP: Here’s Southwest Coupons So You Don’t Fly American Airlines.


NAACP Issues Travel Warnings against American Airlines

How many times in recent years have we heard “trouble in the skies” or “airline company drags passenger off flight?” It seems like it’s becoming a regular occurrence. Before the biggest problem was getting scolded for not taking your headphones off during the safety presentation. Millions of Americans rely on airlines for regular travel, and it has become the norm to face a culture of fear when preparing for a flight. It’s like they’re trying to create a new meaning for “afraid of heights.” The culture across airline companies has been the subject of many news report headlines for disrespectful treatment towards minority passengers. The NAACP is taking a firm stance against such heinous treatment.

Here’s Southwest Vacations Coupon Codes So You Don’t Use American Airlines.

The NAACP is offering promo codes for Southwest Vacations packages, so that its members don’t  use American Airlines for the foreseeable future. 


Recent Issues



In a statement released on October 24, 2017, the NAACP issued a nationwide travel advisory – their first ever in history. Why? Recent activity among American Airlines has prompted an apparent pattern of complaints from passengers. Predominantly, passengers of color. Accusations of racial bias are being levied against the major airline.

Some of the more heinous crimes against black passengers by American Airlines include:

Forcibly removing a mother and her infant from a flight after the mother requested her child’s stroller

Forcing a black man off a plane after he responded to hateful racial remarks made by white passengers

After a black woman purchased two first-class tickets – one for herself and one for her white companion – she was asked to relocate to coach; her white companion was allowed to remain in first class


NAACP Statement

According to the official statement released by the NAACP, they have been monitoring the situation at American Airlines for several months. The pattern of disturbing incidents has only increased. In light of the severe confrontations, they have issued the following warning for African Americans:

“exercise caution… booking and boarding flights on American Airlines could subject [you] to disrespectful, discriminatory, or unsafe conditions.”


American Airlines

American Airlines has responded by stating they are “disappointed… committed to providing a safe travel experience for everyone.” Airline representatives have agreed to meet with officials from the NAACP at an undisclosed date.




When riots occur almost daily, school shootings are met with apathy, and the president exhibits clear racial bias, we can expect to witness such metastasis of society. Does that make it right? No. We live in turbulent times, but we are all American.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen unnecessary force from airline workers. When passengers pay for a ticket, whether they be Black, White, Hispanic, or Asian, they deserve to be treated as customers. They deserve to be treated with respect. Some have posited that such rampant disrespect to airline customers can be attributed to poor training.

Unfortunately, the problem may reside deeper than training. When people of color are portrayed in a negative light on a daily basis by the media, how do you train employees to overcome the embedded latent bias? The NAACP has taken the first step toward speaking out. We must all follow suite as Americans and collectively voice our repulsion. We will not stand for unlawful, disrespectful, harmful treatment.