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Lucid Dreaming and When it Occurs

Lucid dreaming refers to the ability to sleep and dream with the full awareness that you are dreaming. Thus, typically it involves drifting away to the dream world by letting the body rest but being in an entirely wakeful and conscious state of mind. It is a complicated ability to develop: lucid dream pills can facilitate a lucid experience. And by ‘free lucid dreaming’, we are referring to the free movement or high flexibility of one inside the dream of being able to do anything as desired.

Say farewell to your dreams and nightmares which are taking place beyond your control and imaginations and prepare to have the lucid dream. Usually, dreams happen while you are asleep and when unconscious, unlike Lucid dreams which occur while you’re conscious.

lucid dreaming supplements and pillsDon’t come to frown; it does not require an extraordinary mindset or supernatural power. If you believe, you are not able to see it with your mindset, just train your mind to have lucid dreams. A lucid dream may occur to all if you take a little bit effort to prepare a mindset for that. It requires a controlled mind and disciplined lifestyle. Why disciplined lifestyle? Your lifestyle will affect your mindset and confidence. Your brain requires minimum energy, which you can acquire only through disciplined effort.

Let’s Get Started Practicing:

To practice lucid dreams, you need to prepare your mind. The human mind is constituted of both the conscious and subconscious mind. Our strong desires are laying in the subconscious mind. This subconscious mind becomes active when the conscious mind goes out of action. If you can activate your subconscious mind while your conscious mind also in working, you can dream consciously.

How is it possible, a relevant question? Human mind a world of mystery and you can shape and polish it according to your will if you are constantly in an effort and disciplined in lifestyle. In normal cases, a mind is full of thoughts, and it works out without any proper control. As a first step to control your mind, you need to acquire the ability to direct your mind according to your wishes, whenever you want to do.

You can do this through some intellectual exercises like meditation and practicing yoga. While you are meditating, you will be able to slow down the frequency of your thoughts and reduce its volume up to alpha frequency.

You need to improve your recollection skills. Lucid dreams occur while you are recollecting your dreams after wake up from sleep and the dreams progress further. However, as part of setting your mind, you need to improve your skill. Purchase a dream journal and note down your experience after each dream including, minute details. You can see your improvement after each attempt.

Sit in a lonely place, and close your eyes and bring certain images from your strong desires to your mind. Make sure that nothing should disturb your mind. Close your mind and recollect incidents of that day one by one. After completing it starts for the previous day. When you sit alone and concentrate on something, it will help you to recollect incidents. Practice it every day to improve your memorizing skill.

Set up an alarm clock which schedule to ring while you are sleeping. When alarm rings that will disturb your sleep and dream. Switch off an alarm and get back to sleep soon. Try hard to recollect the images that you have been visualizing, and once you get something you can continue it. In this state of dream, you will be in the mood of half asleep and half awake. If you practice it regularly, you can have lucid dreams.

After you get to bed close your eyes and lay flat before sleeping. While you do this ensure that your hands are on both sides of your body. Put your focus on the roof and try to remember all the life events that occurred on that particular day. Various pictures while appear in your mind. have your focus on one of the pictures. This will disconnect you with your actual world, and this visualizes certain pictures from your deep mind.

Regular Meditational practices along with the methods of dream spinning and verbal affirmation will pave the path of disturbance-free lucid dreaming. You can do whatever you want in your dreams, and there would not be any barrier standing in your way in doing whatever you want and going wherever you desire.

Host a Website? How You Can Help Fight Terror

Public Awareness Can Help in the War on Terrorism

We see news headlines every day about new terrorist attacks and threats throughout the world. We hear about how the public can help by becoming aware of surroundings and reporting any suspicious behavior or items of suspicion to authorities. What exactly does this mean, and what are we supposed to look for?

In a world where the costs of owning your own website are going way down thanks to promo codes, ordinary people can now help spot and track suspicious behaviour.

Possible Indications of Threats

One thing the public is told to watch out for is suspicious packages, backpacks or suitcases left in public places. Another thing to watch for is the behavior of people around you. You may see someone taking a lot of pictures of something that doesn’t seem significant, like a public building. You might observe them making notes, looking at or creating maps. Other things you’re advised to look for include:
. Strong odors coming from places like buildings or vehicles, unusual chemical or burning odors
. People wearing a lot of clothing on a hot day, being overdressed
. People who are acting nervous or in ways that are strange enough to arouse suspicion
4. Someone who avoids eye contact in addition to acting nervously, doing things like pacing
. In a store, if you see someone making unusual purchases. This can include trying to buy uniforms, weapons, propane bottles, large amounts of fertilizer, ammunition or chemicals
. In an apartment building, watch for unusual visitors, suspicious people who come and go at odd hours or who seem to be acting like they don’t want to be seen.
. Vehicles large enough to hold explosives or hazardous materials, especially if the vehicle is parked and left unattended in an unusual place.
. Someone looking at a building with binoculars
. When you live in an apartment building, be aware of those around you. Get to know neighbors and regular delivery people, like your mail delivery person. Be suspicious if someone new is hanging around, especially if they are there consistently for a period of time.

Certain Types of Employees Can Help by Being Aware

Employees who can be especially helpful in identifying suspicious people or behavior include waiters or waitresses, airport personnel, people who work in retail places like pharmacies, hobby shops or hardware clerks. What can these people look for? Restaurant workers can watch for people sitting in a booth or at a table for long periods of time that seem to be more interested in what’s going on outdoors than in eating or having a conversation with a person they’re with.

Workers in airports can watch for suspicious behaviors like pacing, nervousness or leaving an item unattended and quickly walking away. Retail pharmacy employees can watch for unusual purchases like isopropanol, or thefts of things like fentanyl, or even unusual antibiotic requests. Hardware store workers can watch for purchases of unusual things like large amounts of fertilizer containing ammonia nitrate, pesticides, gas canisters or even pipes with threads and endcaps.

Even retail employees of rental vehicle businesses can make awareness a part of their everyday routine by watching for people who want to rent vans or utility vehicles, and who are not very forthcoming with reasons for wanting to rent these vehicles. Employees of storage rental companies can watch for strange movement in and out of storage units, especially if it involves large drum type containers.

How Can Private Companies Help?

Companies can help by keeping good track of uniforms that are issued to employees, ID cards, and items like vehicle stickers. If items are suddenly being stolen, or if employees are threatened or harmed by someone trying to acquire uniforms and identification, the company should act quickly to step up safety precautions. This is especially true in protected buildings.

There should be an awareness of employees who earn high salaries, with steps to protect them on their way in and out of places like parking garages to prevent possible kidnapping attempts. People can be kidnapped and held hostage for more reasons than money. Their families could be coerced into delivering or planting an explosive device.

The See Something Say Something Campaign

You may have heard of a campaign by the Department of Homeland Security in partnership with law enforcement officials called “See Something Say Something.” This was put into place as a way for ordinary citizens to report unusual people or behavior that happens as they go about their daily activities.

The things you should report to law enforcement include who or what you saw, where it happened, the time and date you saw something and the reason you think the person or their behavior was suspicious. You know if something doesn’t look right, especially when you are in an area or doing activities on a regular basis. Chances are that you could identify suspicious people or behavior almost as well as a law enforcement person could.

It’s important for people to feel that they can go about their daily business, only with a heightened sense of awareness of their surroundings, suspicious objects and the people who are present. It won’t help anyone to feel helpless. No one wants to feel like we have to rely entirely on law enforcement either. Just by reporting suspicious people or behavior, you could end up preventing terrorist activity. This can help make every citizen feel more empowered in the war on terror.

Death Toll Hits 30 in London's Grenfell Tower Blaze

Death Toll Hits 30 in London’s Grenfell Tower Blaze

You may want to hold off on your trip to London. At least for a few days while London reacts to this unprecedented high-rise fire.

Recently, London has had to face and deal with so many catastrophic situations that it has left the country in a pure state of shock. The most recent incident being the fire that incinerated through the 24-story apartment tower in the West of London. This horrifying incident has now landed up claiming at least 30 lives and one hopes that the number does not climb. However, unfortunately, that may not happen as the BBC has reported that the death toll could rise up to 76.  Here is a look at the devastating blaze.

The rising death toll

It is a grim reality that has seen a steady rise in the death toll since it broke out on Wednesday morning. Unfortunately, the numbers just went up from 6, 12, 17 and now at a terrifying 30. To make matters worse, Metropolitan Police commander, Stuart Cundy, had said that quite a few of the victims might not be able to be identified. And that the death toll should not rise above 100.

It is extremely heartbreaking to see know that some of the victims will remain unidentified. However, the police did say that they are doing everything they can to make sure that they have identification placement on these victims. They are not leaving any stone unturned and will be using dental records, DNA samples and fingerprints, that will help identify the victims. Even things like tell-tale features that stand out like tattoos, jewelry and cars are being used to track the victims. But the unfortunate reality of this is that the intensity by which the fire broke out has made the identification process of the victims so slow and long hauled. There is a strong possibility that some bodies will be beyond recognition, if not totally reduced to ash but the town remains to stand still for a better part of the day since what occurred was unexpected anymore.

The anger

Mayor Sadiq Khan was bombarded with questions by the angry locals, as he walked through the west London neighborhood. People want answers as to what could have gone so horrifyingly wrong that the fire was unstoppable and took so long to be put under control.

Police have opened up an investigation following this incident and will be going through all details to get the answers. The government has now actually ordered a judge-led inquiry into this Wednesday’s disaster. They are certainly under a lot of pressure to act quickly as people continue their wait.