2016’s Best Smart Phones

2016’s Best Smart Phones

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Smart phone industry is growing faster and stronger every year and it has become customary for every company to present a flagship model every year. And every year, newer versions of these phones are better and stronger making the older model weak in comparison. So, what has the new year brought and what are we yet to see?

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The newest iteration of the Samsung flagship, Galaxy S7 Edge is a seventh generation of the flagship Galaxy, bringing the Edge screen design and all new performance specs. First thing to talk about is the fact that this phone will probably be the phone of the year. While the price is slightly greater than any other Android device, it could be said that it is justified. It just depends on how far you are ready to go to have the best phone. The design and the materials chosen might give you a slightly plastic feel, but it’s a thing of perspective and preference while the superb camera we are used to when dealing with Samsung is objectively among the best on the market.

HTC 10

For all the music fans out there – HTC 10 should be something to look into. Heralded as the music phone of the year, HTC’s baby is sure to provide you with some cutting edge sound performance. The design is something that HTC is also very good at, so it comes to no surprise that the 10 is a beauty to look at, but it also can’t go without saying. With a powerful Snapdragon 820 processor and 4GB RAM, insides are surely impressive and the only downside might be the camera which could be a lot better. Still, it is a music phone.

OnePlus 3

Coming from the startup-like company, the third model of the OnePlus line seems to be the dream come true for many tech geeks. Coming to the market only 2 years ago, OnePlus made a big bang on the scene, providing extremely cheap smart phones that will stagger you with their quality and leave you asking how is this price even possible? OnePlus 3 still follows the non-expandable memory policy, but since the internal storage offers 64GB of space, it’s not a real issue. While the camera could still improve, everything else on this phone is pure gold. Wonderful design, improved battery life and previous models’ quirks, new OP is sure to work like a Swiss clock.


Full metal body that doesn’t feel like metal is a great way to make a durable and still beautiful phone. Dual 16MP camera gives you a wide angle shots and is sure to catch attention of certain users. With the 5.3in diagonal screen it is a bit smaller than the rest of the models on the list, which is something you either like or you do not. The screen is amazing and provides a great surface for work, gaming and everyday use, especially for those sweet photos.

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